Welcome to the PhysioControl Lifepak© 20e Defibrillator Simulator!

This is a real-time simulator that allows you to learn how the Lifepak© 20e defibrillator works by interacting with its functions and accessories.

This simulator has 3 components:

  1. An interactive tour of the defibrillator's features and accessories
  2. A case-based tutorial that guides you through the management of case scenarios requiring defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, or transcutaneous pacing
  3. A series of cases designed to test your ability to use the defibrillator to correct rhythm disturbances within a suggested timeframe

Begin using this simulator by using your mouse or touchpad to select "Introduction to the Defibrillator's Features and Accessories" and review the basic features and functions of the machine. After you complete the Introductory module you can proceed to the case-based Tutorial and then to the Test cases. You must complete the Test cases to receive credit for completing this course.

Introduction to the Defibrillator's Features and Accessories


Joshua Ferge, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
Kathleen M. Ventre, MD University of Colorado, Denver CO
Anne Brenneman MSN, CPNP Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City UT
All patient illustrations © 2014 Intermountain Healthcare

This interactive program is intended as a training tool for licensed health care professionals. It may not be counted upon as dispensing medical advice or treatment. The authors cannot warrant that the program is free from errors or that it contains the most current treatment recommendations. Users are responsible for verifying the accuracy of any medical information before prescribing a specific therapy