The 5 V's Of Woz

The 5 V's refer to the 5 V's of Big Data. The Woz refers to Steve Wozniak, who attended the University of Colorado for a year and who this piece is dedicated to. The 5 V's of big data are as follows, and the piece attempts to capture the nature of each of them and display artwork which is bound by data in the world. The piece uses data from different social media sites, weather, and even sound data within the ATLAS building.

Image 1

Image 1 displays the volume of ATLAS and varies color based on volume and the average sound frequencies in 18 buckets. The background varies according to volume. The background varies between red and purple, with red being louder and blue being quieter. The middleground varies according to the average of the first nine buckets of frequencies. It varies between blue and red, with blue being lower and red being higher. The foreground varies according to the average go the last nine buckets of frequencies. It varies on a green rob scale, with dark green being lower and light green being higher.

Image 2

Image 2's colors are based off of Twitter API streaming data relating to CU Boulder, and the image will be brighter if more tweets are coming in about CU.

Image 3 and 4

Our Reddit API call queries for the first page of subreddits that match the keyword "Apple." Image 3 uses the results and uses the upvote, downvote, and number of comment fields to calculate a "viral" score that is then displayed and translated into varying colors. Image 4 parses the contents of the subreddits to calculate the number of keywords present for "Apple", "Woz"/"Wozniak", and "Money". The primary article title is set to the label and the colors are adjusted accordingly.

Image 5

The image is connected to Yahoo Finance API that pulls Appleā€™s stock price and volume. The image reacts to the change in stock price and volume. As the stock price increases, the CU logo is green and becomes more green with a larger increase. As the stock price decreases, the CU logo is red and becomes more red with a larger decrease. The volume is a measure of the number of shares traded during a given period of time. As more trades are executed, the background is more red and as less trades are executed, the background is more blue.

Image 6

This image reflects the weather of Boulder. Data about the current temperature and wind are brought in from online sources. This data is then converted into colors that represent it. The foreground's color represents the speed of the wind-- faster wind, brighter color. The background color scales with Boulder's current temperature. More blue colors mean that it's colder, while warmer temperatures turn the picture red. The rest of the image changes its color based on the direction of the wind.